Advanced virtual MIDI keyboard.

FreePiano is an opensource MIDI keyboard software.

In the beginning, this software was made just for myself, I just wanted a program that could load VSTi instruments and play like a piano using my computer keyboard.

After version 1.0, I have been receiving lots of suggestions, which make this software better and better. Thanks to all the suggestions.

If I could find similar open source software, maybe I will just make modifications on that software. So FreePiano is opensource. I hope new ideas can be implemented in this software, if it is possible.


Li Jia is the earliest developer, he started this project, you can contact him at Mail to lijia.

Suggestions, Questions and BUGS.

And suggestions, or BUGs is welcome, just send me an Email (Lijia).


FreePiano currently only supports Chinese and English, there may be translation errors in English, If you found any, contact me. If you wish to translate the entire software or documents into your languange, Contact me and I will show you how.


Thanks again to all suggestions!

And Thanks to all users, some of them have been playing computer keyboard music more than 10 years! Your insisting is the power that motivates me to make this software better.

Opensource libraries


FreePiano comes with a tiny piano vst plugin call mdaPiano, you can find more at:


freetype2 is a font drawing library, read more at:


FreePiano song file uses zlib to compress data:


All image resources in freepiano is png, libpng is used to read these images:


x264 is a common used video encoder.


A library that encodes audio data.


This is the library freepiano uses to exporting a MP4 file.