Advanced virtual MIDI keyboard.

Quick Start

If you have not yet run FreePiano, please go to the download page to download the latest version of FreePiano.

FreePiano requires Windows XP or later, you need a graphics card supports 3D hardware acceleration, otherwise the software will prompt ‘Unable to initialize’. Most computer supports 3D acceleration now, even if you’re using integrated graphics card. Please make sure you have hardware driver installed.

FreePiano is a green software, after downloading unzip to any folder, and then double-click freepiano.exe to start the software.

The main interface

After starting the program, you will see the main interface FreePiano:

Main interface

FreePiano default using the notation. In the default layout, the keyboard is divided into left and right two parts, the character keys are used to play the song accompaniment, numeric keypad and function keys are used to play the theme song.

Play the Demo Song

Now, you can open demo songs to learn how to use the computer keyboard to play music. First, Click on the “Record” menu, then select “Open”, which is you’ll see some demo songs, double-click to open a song start with “Lesson 1”, the song will play automatically.

After the song has finished, you can click on “Play” button on the middle part of the main interface to play it again.

Try playing

Before try playing with both hands, please ensure that you can play the melody with the right hand, and can play accompaniment with left hand, then try both hands. If you do not play piano or keyboard before, you may need 1-2 days to play the first song smoothly.

Recording and sharing

If you have been able to skillfully play music, congratulations to you. Now, you definitely can’t wait to show your friend that learn. You can record a song, and then exported to a MP4 video, so you can put on your phone or upload to youtube.

To save audio files or video files, you need to record the song first. To enter the recording mode, select Song -> Record, you can also click on the REC button on main window.

After entering recording mode, the recording indicator light next to the button will turn red, while the time began to move. Then you can start playing, after play is completed, click REC button again to end the recording. Now you can click the PLAY button to replay the song, If you are not satisfied with previous recording, you can click the REC button again to record again.

You can share your song via two ways: First you can save a FPM file, which is FreePiano dedicated recording format, the FPM file is small, however this format can only be opened with FreePiano software. You can also export the song into a MP4 video file.

To save the recording, click on Song -> Save.

To export a MP4 video file, click on Song -> Export -> Video Files (MP4).